I have risen from the blogging dead, and started this blog up again. I hope I can continue doing so! Nerdy pick up lines, and great merch to woo your favorite fangirl.

How to Pick Up A Fangirl

What do others think of this whole pants taking off situation?

You know how when we see Rose and the Doctor running towards each other in season four right before he gets shot by the Dalek? How it makes you heart leap and violins play in your head?

This blog is kinda like that.

Minus the trigger-happy Daleks.”


"I just read every single page of this blog. And forgot to eat breakfast, until now. This is the best thing I have ever seen, and I am now concocting plans to surreptitiously send this link to potential-boyfriend."


"I never liked pants anyway. Of course the whole concept of pants is rather archaic. Do you know the Pantitus Nonicus people of C consider it a sacrilege to wear pants? Yes, there entire planet, 10 earths the size of it, and they names it with one letter! Isn’t that brilliant!.. Well anyway, where was I? Oh yah, pants. Don’t need ‘em" - Ten

"Pants? What are pants? I don’t have time this. Unless you drop dead. Or are John. Where is John anyway? BORED. *BANG*" -Sherlock

“Are you wearing any pants?”
- John “Three Continents” Watson

"Who are you? And where are my pants? Merlin I told you to have them ready by this morning! Merlin… MERLIN! Why are you hiding under the bed with all of my pants?” - King Arthur

"I have organized you blog by fandom, color, and character. No! Don’t touch anything. Yes I know it is your blog. But it is my organization!… No.. don’t.” - Hal

"Really, this encouragement of the banishment of pants is extremely irresponsible. It could get you killed! Or worse, expelled!" -Hermoine

"I trade you some bread for your pants." -Peeta

"My pants are on fire." -Katniss

“I’ll make you into pants.”
-Jim Moriarty

*from a fine third party source, nympheline.

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